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The Classic Voice for your Global Image

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Choosing Linda Joy for your next voiceover project means you’ll find serious amounts of joy—in her talent, versatility, professionalism, experience and her amazing ability to bring any script to life. And she does it in both native, neutral English and German!


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Linda has been in voiceovers on both sides of the Atlantic

– She is the classic voice for your global image –


English and German Demos

Linda’s voice is heard in animated features, video games, commercials, films, TV shows, documentaries and other narrations the world over. Listen to her demos and enjoy.

Narration Demo


Animation and Video Game Demo


Theatrical Demo


Children’s Stories 

Children’s stories



Dialog Demo

Dialog Demo_German

Discover Joy

Born into an American family living in Europe, Linda Joy grew up in Great Britain, Austria and Germany.

Linda earned a performing arts degree from the prestigious Mozarteum in Salzburg, Austria and after graduating, worked in German Repertory Theatre. Soon she was acting in films and television and found herself in great demand as a German voice actor.
She’s voiced TV characters including Baby Miss Piggy in Muppet Babies, Joey in Dennis The Menace, Helen Lovejoy in The Simpsons, Wilma in Flintstone Kids and many more. She also became a much sought-after director responsible for the dubbing of numerous foreign films and TV series into German.

Today, she works out of her professional studio in beautiful Colorado, where she records for clients all over the world. She has voiced for Lindt Chocolate, Jaguar, Apple, Harley Davidson, and Amazon to name a few. You can hear her as Fuzzy, in Ice Age IV – Continental Drift and as Dr Rose in Wasteland 2.

Languages and Accents: Mid-Atlantic (Global) English, Neutral British, European English, Neutral American English, Hochdeutsch (High German)


  •      Designed by Auralex Acoustics
  •      ProTools 11
  •      Sennheiser 416
  •      Audient iD4
  •      Mac OSX
  •      ipDTL


  •      High quality audio for your project
  •      Processed in .wav, mp3, Aiff, and other formats
  •      Quick turnaround
  •      File delivery via email, file delivery services, FTP uploads, Dropbox
  •      Skype and phone-patch sessions
  •      ipDTL for remote recording – free to client

Pride and Joy

Linda is proud to be the trusted voice for some of the world’s largest, best-known brands… and small ones too.

What Clients Say

“Linda is incredibly talented and a real pleasure to work with. She’s a genuinely nice person and we highly recommend her to anyone looking for quality voice work. This is the first project we’ve partnered with Linda on but we will definitely hire her for future jobs.”

– Stephen Jarnick, Peace Works

“C.F. Yetmen has found the perfect voice for her story. In The Roses Underneath, narrator Linda Joy creates an undercurrent of urgency that compels the story forward. Each character is brought into sharp focus, and through her careful shading, we see ourselves. This is essential reading.”

– Jane Ingalls, Voice Talent

“Linda has been an absolute pleasure to work with. I find myself hoping to be in a position in the future where I once again need voice-work so that I may have the opportunity to work with Linda again. I could not recommend her highly enough!”

– Max Bane, Mallegory, Tabletop Game Development, Australia

“Linda Joy is the consummate professional. From asking about the pronunciation of foreign words to her care in the approach to mood and intonation. She cares about every detail. Her expressive and charming voice draws the listener in and engages them with every expressive word. From initial consultation to finished files, working with Linda is a genuine pleasure and first-class experience.”

– R. Christian Anderson

“It is a rare occasion when those you work with inspire you rather than the other way around. This is the case with Linda Joy. She is always a source of inspiration and the consummate professional.”

– Frank Lenart, Creative Director, Disney Character Voices, BVI Germany

“Eine tiefgründige, spannende und ätherische Stimme mit Gänsehauteffekt. Danke für die angenehme und professionelle Zusammenarbeit!”

– Richard Tretzel, Studio Wienklang/Green Lobster Recordings, Austria

“In a half-century of writing, directing and acting in the voice work field, I have seldom met a colleague who brings as much linguistic, interpretive savvy, sensitivity and downright enthusiasm as Linda Joy.
Whether on a commercial or an extended tragic or comic role, British or American English – or accent-free German – Linda is a consummate, dedicated professional, and she’s fun to work with, too, and that’s even more than just icing on the cake.”

– Donald Arthur, Entertainment Professional, Munich, Germany

“Great voice and great service! Thanks Linda.”

– Frank Knipschild, Quanvision

“Great voice, very very nice person, and fast indeed!! really happy with the work, hope to work with Linda again very soon.”

– Gernot Stefl, Unter Freiem Himmel


To book Linda for your upcoming project, contact one of her agents or reach out to Linda directly. She’ll be overjoyed to hear from you.

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